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Porcelain clays.





by Arnaud Barraud.

SP - Studio Porcelain.

Off White/Grey strong plastic clay, terrific throwing body with excellent glaze response also suitable for mechanical forming processes. 

The workability of stoneware and the glaze fit of Porcelain, for those potters who have been wedging a stoneware and porcelain clay, we have saved you the effort.


Mesh: 120#
Bisque:  (Orton cones)
Glaze: 7 to 10 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 12% (Wet to fired)
Order code: SP


Very white

When fired in Oxidation.


When fired in Reduction.





By John Dermer

JB1 - Fine Porcelain body.

White firing porcelain, possessing excellent plasticity and green strength, making it suitable for large objects, as well as, the most delicate pieces. JB1 can be fired as low as 1200ºC but develops better strength at 1260 to 1300ºC.


Mesh: 120#
Bisque: 012 to 06 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 7 to 10 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 11% (Wet to fired)
Order code: JB1



When fired in Oxidation.

White grey

When fired in Reduction.





By Linda Kent

WSP - Fine White porcelain.

An excellent white, porcelain style clay that offers a broad firing range. An extremely versatile body suitable for throwing, jigger jollying and pressing. The ideal body for high quality table ware.


Mesh: 120#
Bisque: 5 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 8 to 9 (Orton cones)
Order code: WSP



When fired in Oxidation.


When fired in Reduction.





The first piece I made with Southern Ice, it measures approximately 18cm x 15cm x 7cm. Fired to cone 10 in oxidation, unglazed and polished with silicon carbide abrasive paper. This is an abstract piece, originally thrown and then formed to shape.

- Hector Herrera

LBSI - Southern Ice.

Truly magnificent, translucent, white porcelain. While it is one of the best porcelains available it is also surprisingly easy to work. For best whiteness and translucency fire in reduction. SOUTHERN ICE has received international recognition as one the world’s best porcelain bodies and is now sold in Europe, UK, USA, NZ, Switzerland, France and Singapore.


Mesh: 120#
Bisque: 07 to 05 (Orton cones)
Glaze: 8 to 10 (Orton cones)
Shrinkage: 14% (Wet to fired)
Order code: LBSI


Arctic white

When fired in Oxidation.

Arctic white

When fired in Reduction.



By Glenn England

LBSI PC - Southern Ice Paper clay.

Southern Ice with virgin paper pulp added.                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Mesh: Not Applicable.
Bisque:  (Orton cones)
Glaze:  (Orton cones)
Order code: LBSI PC



When fired in Oxidation.


When fired in Reduction.





  1. Unless otherwise specified the bodies are filter pressed, vacuum de-aired and packed as bags of approximately 10 kg weight, i.e. 100 bags to the tonne.

  2. Conditions and production techniques vary widely from pottery to pottery; consequently, we strongly advise thorough evaluation and testing of any clay body to ensure its suitability.
  3. Clayworks reserves the right to vary body specifications and composition, without notification.

  4. The information provided is the latest available and supersedes all earlier publications.